Friday, 4 November 2011

Character Design: Scrapped Designs

Posting absolutely everything as part of development.

The following images are all old works.
The past few days work are the following posts:

Character Design: Stylisation

Character Design: Further Facial Studies

Character Design: Basic Shapes and Body Proportions

Starting Sketches, looked at props, face studies, full sketches of a biker.

Initial sketches on the facial features

Ideas on the bikes.

Later in the weeks I put more thought into the facial studies.

The above was scrapped because it does not follow the rules of character design or animation that was taught during the CD tutorials with Justin.

Went back and looked at basic shapes in faces.

contemplated a lot on how i can turn basic shapes into personality

Finally going back to looking at caricature, and looking more into how a character would look diagonally. Also spawning the idea of a character defined by his jawline, ie. expressive/exaggerated jawlines.

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