Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Pattern and "Steam-Punk Culture"

The use of "steam-punk" culture within my influences map isn't really something I'd like to focus on as part of my project, this is especially true with it's use of pattern within environment. I'd like to create a world more vibrant, free-flowing and colourful.

This is one alternative for pattern that I may use within creating my scenes, as well as one part of level of detail I'd like to implement when creating my final three scenes, I've made a pattern based on contemporary work today. Drawing from contemporary influences such as Takashi Murakami (who I will add in my next influence map as I focus more on particular compositions), whilst still retaining elements from within the original Time Machine book.


  1. okay - but what's your rationale for this use of pattern in relationship to your source material? What justifies it in terms of visual concept and 'systems of meaning'? Also, I do find it odd that you keep disparaging 'steam punk' - no one is suggesting that The Time Machine need have anything to do with that aesthetic trope - and, if you're not using it, stop going on about it!

  2. I may have used the word "steam-punk" incorrectly/misleadingly in this manner, adapting it as a term to contrast the first two films' visualisations of the time machine, to what I aim to achieve, whilst still staying true to the novel. The source material I'll be posting soon in context to my "Remakes" design will hopefully be a better way to describe this visual contrast (between the films and mine) and show reasoning for this pattern concept in the environment it's in.