Thursday, 18 November 2010

Week 9 - Life Drawing

This week was a short exercise with pastel before a long pose. Click for full images

Warm up exercises on one sheet of paper using multiple pieces of coloured charcoal, the model posed herself differently every two intervals, 12minutes . Not really happy with this one as was pretty much worn out by the exercise halfway as well as watching Avatar before the lesson. Not to mention the positioning of the model wasn't the best. Spent a lot of time on the hair. Long drawing! more then an hour at least (lost track of time!). Full view recommended


  1. drawings on left are fab - something 'high fantasy' about them! More 'Dark Crystal' than Avatar. I bet you were exhausted after that filmic marathon - I was exhausted too - rugby-tackling fashion students...

  2. Thanks, I may take that style and transfer it into an experimentation with the concept paintings in the next few days.