Monday, 22 November 2010

Primary Research One - Borderlands

Borderlands is a science fiction first-person shooter with some RPG elements, developed my Gearbox Software. It is one of my main primary sources of inspiration for my project.

Borderlands use of texture is unique in that it combines tradtional rendering techniques with hand drawn textures, in order to create a world drawn from concept art. This visual style is noticably different from other shooter games and is one of the main visual aspects that appeals to its audience.

I aim to impliment a few formal visual elements from this game. Primarily the games use of texture and line. This is noticable within the draft final concepts I've created already, experimenting with Borderlands art style.

Below are screenshots I've taken from the game. They contain elements I aim to experiement with as well as impliment into my final visual concepts.

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