Thursday, 18 November 2010

WIP - The Morlocks Cave

Still Work In Progress
Inspired by Art of Borderlands.

Bearing in mind it's still a work in progress, I thought I should really put something up as I haven't updated something substantial in a while. Trust me, if I'm not cataloguing the work on the blog, I am actually aiming to experiment/research/crack on with the paintings, studies or research as much as possible. I'll probably use the weekend just to spend uploading all these piles of paper thumbnails and digi-paintings onto the blog. It's going to be such a messsssss (chronologically...)

Despite how much time I've spent on this particular piece. I'm not entirely happy with it. The lighting coming from the hole above and the cave "support beam" on the left foreground is probably the only things I'm particularly pleased with, whilst the lighting needs work on the rocks (especially the top right wow), as well as the texture and colour overall can especially be improved. I may have even over-did it with the texture.

I aimed for it to project a grim mood through its colours. Whilst striking down a sharp light as if to show 'hope' from above as the traveller comes down to the Morlocks caves. I also wanted to show its a gigantic cave through its use of space as well as how the way the background is composed (it's a really big cave). In regards to how the way the focus is led, it doesn't show the proportions as outstanding to the viewer as I intended.

The art was primarily inspired by the game Borderlands with some inspiration from the Film 9 (both in current influence map), I took a few screens in-game of Borderlands as references for elements such as the background and the cave's "support beams". Source Material coming up..

Animation of its progress so far:-

Full-size links:-
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