Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Garden piece progress

Click image for full view.
Changed the angle. Added some perspective to make the proportions of the building look more gigantic to the audience, and created a sense of scale in comparison to the Antagonist. Started in the style to Team Fortress 2 (rim highlights, sticking to a colour scheme, looking at commercial illustration as a minor influence), then blended styles from my influence map as I went along. Full Explanation of the piece after I've completed it.


  1. Ryan - I'd be tempted to lose the time machine and the figure - they just feel 'added on' and not quite embedded (yet?). I'm just wondering outloud if your image might not be stronger without it?

    i'm not sure about it as it doesn't really show a sense of scale without the time machine/traveler. Possibly due to lack of surrounding behind the place?