Friday, 19 November 2010

WIP - The Garden

Another Work In Progress
Inspired by Art of Borderlands.

Inspired by this Passage in the Time Machine.

I have yet to add some major details such as the hailstorm. I've had both of these inspired by Borderlands due primarily to it's use of shadow and highlight in it's rocky formations and other elements within its art style. This, as well as the other painting below is simply experimentation. As well as one more piece coming up.

Once I found out what I like and dislike about the paintings, I'll plan to take elements that are working into my final pieces. It seems somewhat..more work, but in this way at least I'm thorough about what will be effective as I work into my Final concept paintings.

Animation of its progress so far:-

Full-size links:-
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  1. reassuring to see your creative work getting some air time at last - and it's clear you've been putting in the hours - the animated build up is very easy on the eye!

  2. Its still as nice as when I saw it (great work).
    Also I need to apologize for Friday, sorry about that (I hadn't actually been introduced to you before..... but thats beside the point).